Helmet Race in San Isidro, Bohol

I’m sure everyone is always fascinated with the roaring and flying motorcycles in a motocross event. How about if a motocross event is added with a twist! A race for participants  with helmet but without the motorcycles on the motocross competition event in San Isidro, Bohol is now becoming viral on various social media. The video has even reached the local media shows.

Last May 20, 2018, San Isidro had their 3rd motocross competition. Aside from the motocross, the helmet race is also one of the most awaited race. In this race, the participants need to wear the helmet during the race but without the motorcycle.Using the race track for the motorcycle, participants need to run through the track. Whoever gets on the finish line first, wins the competition.

This is already San Isidro’s 3rd motocross competition and this is a part of San Isidro’s fiesta celebration events. For the three succeeding years, San Isidro has already made its name in having this kind of competition. Videos of the helmet race during its first year were also viral on social media. On the second year, a proposal video during the motocross event has been the talk of the town.

On its third year, we were lucky to witness the event. Hundreds of screaming spectators witnessed the motocross event. The event was held near the Cabanugan High School in Cabanugan, San Isidro, Bohol. When the helmet race was done, crowd cheered for the contestants. It started with just an ordinary race with the participants having helmet on their heads. The participants had to go through the motocross race track. It was filled with excitement and fun when the race was ongoing. It was filled with more fun when the leading contestant stumbled on the ground. Thanks to the helmet, nothing happened on the participant. Sad to say, the incident made the leading contestant not to win the competition.

Overall, helmet race was a great addition to the motocross event. It added more fun on the possibly yearly event. If this would be made a yearly event, this would probably attract more visitor in the town of San Isidro.

Watch the exciting and funny videos here.

Here is a raw video from one of the spectators of the event.

3rd San Isidro Bohol Motocross
Abug abug lng ang agi…. Dako kaayo katabang ang helmet sa lumbag dagan kay dili mahibal-an unsay mahitabo sa kaulahian…

Posted by Jhonbords Bordios Jr. on Sunday, May 20, 2018

And, here is the video of the event as featured on 24 Oras.

Mga bata, nagkarerahan sa motocross oval nang naka-helmet kahit walang motorsiklo | Silipin ‘yan sa report sa 24…

Posted by GMA News on Wednesday, May 30, 2018