The Pride of Sevilla: Carmelita “Milleth” Marfe Marienski

One Boholana is now making a name in the make-up scene. Carmelita Marfe Marienski is gaining recognitions and exposures abroad. She was trained under Ricky Reyes before and serviced Filipino celebrities like Pokwang, Pops Fernandez, Pia Guanio, Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha, professional models and Filipino-American pageant participants. She was recently featured on the AsianJournal’s website. Her life has been traced way back when she was still a student up to her achievements now. For those who are from Sevilla, you will surely be proud of her achievements.

millet marienski

She came from the barrio of Calinginan Norte in Sevilla. She is the youngest among the seven children of Damian Marfe and Victoria Marfe. She is fondly called as Milleth. Despite being happily raised in her hometown, she had high aspirations and dream to better her life.

Excerpt from the AsianJournal’s interview:
“We were poor but we survived… call me ambitious but I have high hopes in life. I couldn’t just live with what I was born with. There ought to have a change…for the better!” Mileth poignantly reminisced and openly shared her youthful thoughts.

“Actually I wanted to be a nurse since I saw how my town mates in that profession could instantly live affluently. But financial constraints funding my education hindered my initial plan. I decided to go to Manila, instead, and tried my luck,” she added.

While she was in Manila, she was able to enter as a sales clerk at the starting business of her elder sister, that got her into college. On March 2002, she received her Computer Management diploma from the Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA).

According to AsianJournal, Mileth was able to join an online dating site because of a friend who persuaded her. Unexpectedly, she received a mail from an interested party and later she got a distant marriage proposal. She went to USA on May 2002 as a fiancee and she became Mrs. Scott Marienski in a simple wedding ceremony.

For three years, she worked at the Consumer Value Stores (CVS) as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPT) and another two years at Walgreens with the same job position.

Unexpectedly, a Chinese lady offered her to venture into cosmetics which she happily accepted. She underwent training in NYC as a distributor of Motives. She said that she was trained under Ricky Reyes before she came to America. It was intended for own personal use but she received a lot of encouraging compliments from her satisfied friends and clients.

Just recently she was chosen as the official make-up artist of the Fiesta in America 2014 International King & Queen pageant. With all her current success, she still opts to further study, train professionally and be the best of her craft.

fiesta in america
Source: Maam Milleth’s fb account

According to a source from Sevilla, she was able to come home last May during the 10th death anniversary of her father. Most of the people in Bohol have no idea about her achievements abroad. The article posted in AsianJournal has clarified about her status abroad.

To Maam Milleth, Boholanos are really proud of you. Keep reaching your dreams because you inspire a lot of people in Bohol.

You may read the full article of AsianJournal here.