Jollibee CPG Drive Thru – The 1st Jollibee Drive Thru in Bohol

Bohol is now showing another sign of progress with the opening of the 1st Jollibee drive thru. This first Jollibee drive thru in Bohol is located in CPG avenue corner New Calceta Street. This is a big improvement in the province. It is believed that this is one of the many establishments that will soon to open in Bohol.

The Jollibee CPG Drive Thru opened last June 16, 2018 to the public. Prior to the opening day, the grand unveiling of the Jollibee building was held. Present during the unveiling and blessing were the franchisee Marlito “Mar” Uy with his family, heads of the Alturas Group of Companies, Vice Mayor Toto Veloso, Msgr. Jeffrey Malanog who officiated the blessing, Jollibee crew and various individuals in Bohol.

During the opening ceremony, franchisee Marlito “Mar” Uy exclaimed in disbelief, “Naunsa naman ni!”. He elaborated that he can’t believe that from their small shoe shop, their company has now turned into a big one. He was also thankful to all the people behind the success of the event.

As a Jollibee’s tradition in opening a branch, a huge bucket of chicken joy was brought in front. Instead of wine, Jollibee’s ceremonial toss is done with everyone’s favorite, the Jollibee Chicken Joy. As of now, Jollibee is already having more than a thousand branches worldwide.

This Jollibee drive thru is Alturas’ 4th branch of Jollibee in the province. They will be opening another soon in Alta Citta, old HNU main building. The opening of the Jollibee drive thru was already pitched years ago but it has not came into a reality yet. With the opening of this establishment, it was believed that the right time has already come for Boholanos to experience the Jollibee drive thru.

During the opening of the Jollibee drive thru, Boholanos excitedly flocked to the newly-opened Jollibee building. With a two-storey building, this new establishment has enough space to cater its customers. Kids were having fun with the given Jollibee balloons and the toys from games. Jollibee and other gang were also able to perform every now and then. Of course, our favorite Jollibee products were happily served by the accommodating Jollibee staff. Long lines on the drive thru was also observed. That was an indication that Boholanos has warmly welcomed this newly-opened Jollibee Drive Thru.

Have you already tried to dine at the Jollibee CPG Drive Thru? If you haven’t yet, head on to this newly-opened branch in CPG Avenue. No car for the drive thru? Why not try to ride on a tricycle and fall in line to the Jollibee Drive Thru! 🙂