• The Momo Magic Experience at Momo Beach House

    A hidden gem lies in a secluded place in Panglao, the Momo Beach House. Momo Beach is already known way back years ago. This beach is visited by tourists because of its fine white sands and clear waters. Because of this,…

  • Just Sizzlin’s ROASTED

    Just Sizzlin’ is now offering their new creation for the Boholanos. This popular restaurant in Bohol is now adding ROASTED. ROASTED is a shop for the widely popular boneless lechon belly and roasted chicken. Their roasted products have been oven-roasted to perfection.

  • Tamper Coffee & Brunch

    Since most of us are wondering where does the name of their coffee shop came from, we had the chance to ask the owner of the shop. According to VJ, the coffee shop’s name has been derived from the “tamper” that has been used in making coffee.

  • Eat Like a Local at Just Sizzlin’

    Just Sizzlin’ restaurant is one of the leading Bohol restaurants that is constantly innovating. I have 2 blogs about this restaurant. You can read it here and here. I was able to witness how this restaurant has transformed…

  • Bohol Fiesta Schedule

    Today is the first day of the month of May which means, the month-long fiesta celebration of Boholanos has kicked off. Boholanos are expected to come to their hometowns during the town fiesta. For you to be aware of all the town fiesta in Bohol, here is the compiled list which is currently circulating the online world.

  • Loboc’s Big Cross

    The big cross on the mountain of Loboc is a symbol of repentance among Boholanos. This place is a popular destination of some Catholic devotees to visit to show some sacrifice during holy week. The big cross can be seen as far as from the streets of Loay going to the town of Loboc.

  • Crescencia: Budding Cafe in Baclayon

    Crescencia is slowly making a name in the cafe and restaurant business in Baclayon. This restaurant is an addition to the historical town of Baclayon. We all know that Baclayon is known for the famous Baclayon church and Baluarte but with the addition of this restaurant, tourists are…

  • Things You Can Do at Baluarte, Baclayon

    As part of the itinerary of the Bohol Bloggers Collective to promote tourism destinations in Bohol, we were able to get into the famous Baluarte in Baclayon. This place is already known for various barbecue stalls and restaurants near the area. During our visit at the place, we were able to get to know more about the activities that we can do while at the Baluarte, Baclayon.


  • Flowers are starting to bloom to add more beauty to the beautiful #amoritaresort!

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