Balilihan’s Asoy sa Pagbakod Tour

Balilihan’s Asoy sa Pagbakod Tour

Balilihan’s Asoy sa Pagbakod Tour

Balilihan’s Asoy sa Pagbakod Tour

Balilihan is one of the first batch of towns under the program Bol-anong Kabilin Atong Gibahandi (BOKAG) project. This video is a documentation of what happened during their soft launch. After this event, they are going to improve areas that need improvements based on the comments from the participants.

Balilihan has chosen to highlight their rich history. Their presentation showed how the people of Balilihan before lived and how the town evolved on what they have now. This tour is a great opportunity to know more about Balilihan.


Posted by on Friday, September 8, 2017

Balilihan has the fourth largest land area in the province of Bohol. It is located 22 kilometres from Tagbilaran City.
As part of the Bol-anong Kabilin Atong Gibahandi (BOKAG) project, Balilihan traced their history through youth’s reenactment.

The Balilihan tour started by welcoming the guests with a “balili” grass souvenir. At the heritage municipal hall, the performers gave an overview of Balilihan.

The Tampiro presentation reenacted the bartering of goods on 19th century that happened in Kawasan Falls which is 8 kilometres from the town proper.

On the plaza’s kiosk, they portrayed the establishment of “pueblo” in the sitio of “Balay sa Iring” which is associated with the supernatural power of healing the sick. Due to scarcity of water and contagious disease, they move to “sawang” or “poblacion” today.
“Balay sa Iring” is now called Barangay Datag Norte.

At the church’s entrance, they reenacted the destruction of the town by Americans through burning in 1900.

Years later, Balilihan had achieved remarkable progress through the administration of local leaders.

After the reenactment, guests were brought inside the church for the view of the paintings.

To end up the presentation, guests were welcomed at the Hardin sa Balilihan where local products such as handicrafts, noodles and cassava chips were displayed.

To experience Balilihan’s rich history, don’t miss this tour once this is open for everyone’s viewing.