BAJI Arts Exhibit 2018

BAJI Arts Exhibit 2018
Theme: “Breaking the Silence”
March 4-17, 2018
Location: ICM – 2nd Level (near Globe)

Everyone is invited to see the visual and literary artworks of the Baji Arts Collective!

What is Baji Arts Exhibit?
The Baji Arts Exhibit is a visual and literary arts exhibit staged every women’s month each year by the Baji All-Boholana Arts Collective. Baji is named after the Binol-anong Binisaya word for woman: babaye, bayi, baji.

Showcased in this video are just some of the paintings and masterpieces of various Baji members. Baji members come from various walk of life. To know more about the group and their arts, visit the ongoing exhibit at ICM. Some of the displayed items are up for grab, you just have to ask the in-charge how. See you there!